A permanent adjustment


The power house triumvirate of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are now unfolding their next chapter of societal collapse that began on the 12th January this year. It talks of a turning point in evolutionary terms that we are all currently witness to. What they are highlighting and illuminating are all the outmoded patriarchal constructs such as toxic leadership, oppression, racism, sexism and imbalances of power in the world.

With their help as these constructs collapse new ones begin to emerge as Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius from the 21st December 2020.

I feel hopeful that we will see the nascent shoots of a future where we begin to build and establish the leadership and the sustainable processes and systems required for the the pressing ecological emergency that Covid 19 is a symptom of.

This is a point of power for all of us as we consider what small and indeed big shifts we can make in our own spheres to enable the natural world to flourish for the generations coming behind us.

We will be living in the realm of paradox, uncertainty and dichotomy, however, we will not re-seed the world with fear based thinking but with positive visions for possible futures.

C-19 has disrupted modern society to a level none of us could have ever have imagined and the imprint of the virus is now firmly lodged in each of us.

Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023 and the breakdown and decay of world orders in Capricorn is in many ways an inevitable part of the cycle that leads to revolutionary renewal and regrowth of Society. We are moving in to a new world with the advancement of the collective emerging as the new paradigm.

The old forms are crumbling and the collapse of the infrastructure is revealing what has gone sour in Society, what is useless and toxic has to be eliminated.A political and social revolution is on its way and the real potential of capitalism has now failed and a new way has to emerge because what we have witnessed both in Society and in Nature an endless sense of more, more, more is an archaic paradigm.

We need to reset the clock to ensure our political and economic systems enable us to reshape society with a greater sense of equity and fairness so that the brotherhood/sisterhood of humankind can all live fulfilling lives. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius from the 21st December will be compelling us all, saying that our individual consciousness needs to shift.We have got to reassess our relationship with the environment and reduce our ecological footprint to benefit us all, reduce the worst vagaries of climate change and stop us getting sick.

Moving towards Aquarius as a new model for the world suggests that what we need to emerge is a new way of living and being.
We are going to need extraordinary visionary leadership and the boldest thinking. The individual too must stand tall and make their unique contribution for the overall good of the collective. We will also need extraordinary thinking from ordinary people. We need to consider carefully how we use our political “voting muscle” to ensure sustainable change can and will happen.