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I have felt an overwhelming sadness and despair at the events unfolding on Europe and the various responses to the asylum seekers unbearable situations. Our continent is on the move again, shifting and changing as predicted by the cardinal square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries over the past few years. Breaking down old systems and structures and reminding us that we are collectively entwined and responsible for each other. Now a mutable T-square is emerging over the next year or so beginning with an opposition between Neptune and Jupiter in September. This reminds us of the commitment required with any plan, the practical realities involved and the faith necessary to sustain a higher vision. Then we realise we are witnessing this unfolding everyday on our screens. People fleeing horror, travelling perilously and holding on by a thread to a future unknown. With Saturn entering Sagittarius on 18th September, for two years we are also tasked with giving form and life to our own longer term dreams and vision of our own futures. The challenge is how to live now in the present whilst building a sustainable reality that is not just a mere fantasy but can actually be manifested. It’s not about putting life on hold until all our ducks are in a row and everything is perfect. The current opposition between Jupiter and Neptune asks us to choose if we’re going to suspend life for the future unknown or stay alive to the now, the present and making the most of it each day. Saturn in Sagittarius teaches that we don’t need endless inspiration or total abundance to realise our dreams. All we need is to stay alert to the possibilities, keep resourceful and remain flexible and see the journey through to the end. Saturn in Sagittarius gives us promise and above all hope, the most human of needs.