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From the last week of April 2020 Pluto slows down, then retrogrades in Capricorn and as we move into May we can consider this as the “end of the beginning.” One of four phases of this complex shift will have completed. First is the shock, then comes the time for reflection, then action and finally the assimilation and integration. By this I mean it will be a time for us all to step into stage two and reflect upon the situation, contemplate further and consider the best next steps for the ongoing Covid 19 situation which may still be at least 18 months to two years away from integration.

Whilst there will be no exit plan in the near future we may by the 25th April have had the phase two strategy outlined to us by the UK government and people will be relieved that at least we have a semblance of an action plan finally in place.

However, by the 14th May Jupiter joins Pluto and seemingly moves backwards in the sky too (retrograde motion) which suggests that whilst there may have been some initial short term relief, even excitement that restrictions are slowly being lifted this may not last beyond the summer.

We may be offered a hiatus of time when there is some ease on the lockdown and a semblance of “normality” but the mood may change by early summer and there is likely to be a bubble of deflation with the phase 2 exit strategy.

On the 30th June when these two powerhouses collide again the initial easing of lockdown may not be working as well as we had hoped and pent up frustration, anger even rage may be demonstrated during the summer months and could reach fever pitch by the middle of July when peoples buoyancy and optimism for a way forward out of the Covid 19 situation is thwarted. The Government may respond to this mood with rash new plans and promises yet the time might prove too premature for the new ways or ideas which may have to undertake significant revision. It simply will take more time than first anticipated to have a clear path ahead. There may be a despondent, even depressive collective mood as there is no real, tangible evident way out of the pandemic and people will be trying to embrace the ongoing new normal with all its constraints and restrictions.

When we get to September and Mars in its own sign Aries retrogrades too in a difficult relationship with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and dwarf planet Eris, tempers could really flare as frustration overspills onto the streets as the reality of the losses and the socio- economic impact is really hitting home.

It may literally feel like things are going backwards, perhaps lockdown and even curfews are imposed tightly again, this time for civil order. Perhaps not until mid November when Jupiter and Pluto come together for the final time and Mars moves forward again will we perhaps have a clearer vision and timetable for the way forward into 2021. Seemingly impossible, radical ideas become viable, indeed necessary both for the health and the wealth of the UK. Jupiter and Saturn conjoin at 0 degrees in Aquarius on the 20th December and allow a tiny shaft of light in, demonstrating that the pandemic has to be used as the catalyst for societal reinvention. The ideas that will emerge need to be of a new society fit for the 21st century’s demands and challenges which will be greater illuminated when Pluto moves into Aquarius in March 2023.

Photo by Akil Mazumder on Pexels.com