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Back to the Future

Astrology is a study of planetary movement, meaning and cycles. Sometimes, in order to make sense of the current moment and the possibilities of the future we have to delve deep into the past.

Saturn and Pluto, Jupiter and Pluto and later this year Jupiter and Saturn will have all conjoined again in capricorn and suggest that as a collective group we are on the wave of new beginnings.

In this blog I want to explore the biggest picture which is the Saturn/Pluto cycle which happens every 32 – 34 years in different signs. This potent powerhouse combination exploded onto the scene in Capricorn, the sign of society, leadership, governments, systems and structures on January 12th 2020 and set the tone for the year big time!

From a collective or civilisation view it is fascinating to see what happened when these two collided in the same sign previously. The last time they were conjunct in Capricorn was in 1518 which was the starting point of The Reformation in Europe.

500 years ago a humble German monk challenged the authority of the Catholic church with his publication of “95 theses” igniting the Reformation and a serious crisis of faith in Western Christianity. His arguments were explosive not only for the ecclesiastical establishment but the whole world order.The Pope, the Church and the establishment of the day were outraged, and Luthers’ reform protests developed unimaginable political dimensions. His ideas were revolutionary. He was an unstoppable force, a David who stood up to the Goliath of the all powerful Catholic church and the revolution spread like wildfire as the masses were fed up that so much of their income was eaten up by church dues.What emerged was the Protestant movement creating a huge division in Western Christianity. With the Tudors help it ultimately led to Englands’ break from Rome in 1534.

So in this we can see that this current collective challenge has the same potential force ultimately to shift and transform the status quo and world view forever too. The ecological focus will by necessity start to take real centre stage.

In more modern times when Saturn and Pluto met in Cancer it was 1914 at the outbreak of the First World War. This war to end all wars was the first on a global scale and millions of young lives were lost and the boundaries of Europe were completely changed and the archaic structures of class and power began to be dismantled. The post second world war Saturn/Pluto in Leo transit in 1947/8 gave birth, after much struggle to new structures and systems to the UK and to the world. It ushered in the NHS, improved social security and education provision, the World Health Organisation and the European Union, all in their nascent forms. Many of these systems have been under the spotlight and up for critical scrutiny since COVID 19s arrival on the global stage. Pluto in Capricorn can have the effect of shattering the established systems of the time, if those systems are rotten and no longer suitable to human progress. It remains to be seen what needs to be amputated, what survives, and what aspects of the establishment will die for the new order to be ushered in.

With Saturn currently in Aquarius, we are getting a whiff of the future, of what is necessary and required in society when Pluto moves into Aquarius in March 2023. Will this current crisis be a test run of how we reorganise and best operate during the coming years of the 21st century when the environmental issues and complexities really make their presence felt to us all?