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We are midway through 2020 and have already witnessed the sheer scale of shifts and changes in the world initiated by Pluto in Capricorn in the guise of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. These are potent examples of how Pluto is dismantling our governments, institutions and attitudes.

The trio of heavyweight planets shuffling through the sign Capricorn have crushed the old world order and we sit in the wasteland waiting as they are realigning and transforming our landscape, structures and systems before they start their journey into Aquarius when systems have to evolve in order to become the social change desired. This will no longer be the domain of Governments but increasingly will be achieved through Social Groups and Movements. What we have been experiencing and witnessing with the power of the collective voice is simply a taste of things to come. The backdrop of all of this is climate change, which is the “ticking time bomb” and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius from the 21st December reasserts the vision for the future we must all begin to embrace.

Greta Thunberg says….

“We will need to post covid to begin to redefine the meaning of Growth, Progress, Happiness, Society and Civilisation.”Group of people on peak mountain climbing helping team work , travel trekking success business concept

Lockdown has simply been giving us a glimpse of the future and time to think what role each of us wants to take in creating it. We are being challenged with imagining and building the nascent structures and systems that will help our civilisation work in the new world.

We are currently in a liminal place between what is old, outlived and past its sell by date symbolised by the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 12th January and the new space that is progressive, revolutionary and a dramatic shift that will be ushered in from 21st December when we have the start of a new 180 year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius.

The new paradigm of Aquarius emerges in 2021 with continued themes of “nobody gets left behind”, that the human race is what we all belong to and the sense of urgency surrounding climate change crisis from 2023 when Pluto moves into Aquarius will be palpably felt by us all. The importance of “we are all in this together” will have never felt stronger.

The Lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn on the 5th July will encourage each of us who are world wearied and exhausted by the lockdown constraints to be compassionate kind and gentle with themselves and others as we continue down this uncertain, often rocky road called 2020. With Mars also commencing a prolonged passage through Aries from July to January 2021 we can expect energy mobilised and action taken throughout the summer as people become increasingly frustrated and angry with the way they are being governed and when it squares Saturn late September and Pluto in early October tensions will be running very high.

The general message is “hold tight”, stay still and patient, wait for the new order which is on its way.

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