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Your world is currently under construction, a process ignited by the Covid 19 pandemic which has acted like an x-ray on Society. We are all currently coming to terms with the enormity of it all and there is to be a critical astrological key to unlock the door that opens up into 2021 and beyond this December.

Jupiter and Saturn are known as the social planets and they meet every 20 years and set the tone for the coming generation. For most of the past 180 years they have met in the earth signs, currently Capricorn and originally heralded the Industrial “Revolution” on its path and the materialistic focus in the world as we have known it.

The change into the element of air from December 21st 2020 sets us all in motion for a very different focus of attention into the 21st century. Jupiter and Saturn converge in the sign of Aquarius then and I consider this to be the real start of the epoch. We are on the next big wave of the Digital and Knowledge Revolution. This transit is super important and suggests it’s time not only for the collective to get serious about a vision for change, but also you personally with your own vision for your radical shift and change!

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct at 0 degrees Aquarius suggesting a reset button. Aquarius is the sign of technological advances, social and intellectual progress and reform, revolution, change, social groups and movements, society and the collective unity of humankind. Phew!! It’s my favourite sign!


Jupiter and Saturn will start the conversation post Covid 19 about social justice and system change through the green shoots of newly emerging groups and movements. Its focus will be about how we realign and transform our world. It will start the conversation that Pluto in Aquarius will join in 2023 big time which asks us to redefine the meaning of progress, society and civilisation. Social action groups is where power will now reside.

Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn have truly exposed the existing structural, health and wealth inequalities  not only in our own backyard but around the world, whilst revealing that climate change is the “ticking time bomb” in the background. Indeed we may look back at 2020 as the fire drill for all the eco – emergencies we and our descendants will be challenged with over the coming years and decades. We have been getting a glimpse of the future whilst Saturn moves briefly into Aquarius between March and June 2020 and indeed there will be many more shocks. There is likely to be popular resistance to all social injustices and inequities. Aquarius is the sign of friendship and the message will be to consider that we need to cherish each other as well as the earth we inhabit. Jupiter in Aquarius will bring sharply into focus important imperative social issues magnifying and illuminating them further, coupled with Saturn it will set the tone for nearly two centuries to come.


Pluto in the last gasps of Capricorn says adapt to survive and whilst the global depression throughout 2021 – 2024 (Yes unfortunately I think it will be that prolonged) will make many jobs obsolete and create much unemployment globally, the message is that it will be of vital importance to mobilise and change quickly to the new social and financial order.

Hot on the heels of the grand mutation Jupiter and Saturn at 0 Aquarius we have Jupiter square Uranus on January 17th 2021 which trumpets the sound of revolutionary change and expansion into the ears of the collective and each individual too: Change and Grow, Expand and Reform it cries. However, Saturn in Aquarius makes a challenging square relationship to Uranus in Taurus on 4 occasions in 2021/22:

February 17th 2021

June 14th 2021

December 23rd 2021

September 2022

This tense association creates frustration due to the paradox of the message from Saturn which wants us to stay safe but in Aquarius which says only by changing our status quo and Uranus  which wants revolutionary change at all costs in the sign of conservation and security which is Taurus. It speaks of the huge uncertainty and lack of stability in the world at large. They are saying to us there is freedom in security and security in freedom! The way to prepare to navigate through these uncertain times is to save and conserve time, love and money, release debt, live within your means and develop a thrifty mindset whilst dedicating time in upskilling your future self for the digital age and re-visioning how income can be rebuilt in the new “green”, “technological” and “care” economies. The presiding message is ReAssess:Reimagine: Reinvent.