“If we come out of this crisis with all the rickety, fly blown, worm- eaten old structures still intact, the same vain and indolent public schoolboys in charge, the same hedge fund managers stuffing their overloaded pockets with greasy fingers, our descendants will not forgive us.” Phillip Pullman

The big picture is that we are currently dealing with the decay and death of an old order and are residing in what is called a liminal state where we exist between two realms. no longer in the old one, not yet in the new one.

A new era will be ushered in but in the meantime we remain in limbo.miniPhotoshop_1416749429956

It’s a hard tension to hold but one in which we currently have no other choice than to simply be with it and to surrender to the ebbing and flowing of lockdown as it changes and evolves.

During May and June we have many of the planets retrograde which is meant to be a time to deeply review and reflect upon the situation in hand and tentatively consider the best next steps. The Government would be wise to consider delaying or even stopping Brexit in light of the focus required on Covid-19 and the global shift that has taken place.

However, in the meantime the Government has created much confusion and muddle about the next phase of the lockdown as Boris Johnson attempts to reconcile the tensions within his party between the health and the wealth of the nation. Venus retrograde at 21 degrees close to Boris’s mercury, the planet of communication suggests he is trying to be all things to all people and the shine may be wearing off “Brand Boris.”


  In the midst of this Mars continues to move us forward and into Pisces which by the middle of June when it conjuncts Neptune in the same sign illuminates the impact of acting on the directive of muddle and confusion which really begins to bite the British Public, as distortions and deceptions about the true state of the pandemic and lockdown situation are revealed. Meanwhile Pluto exposes the rot within the establishment and Jupiter serves to amplify the message. Jupiter and Pluto conjunct again on the 30th June which could see us in wholesale lockdown again as the virus surges. This will also be a Mercury retrograde period too until 12th July suggesting further chaos with further muddled communications and directives to the public.

All the planets retrograde in Capricorn are demanding a new improved version of leadership, the kind of visionary leadership we may get a glimpse of when Jupiter and Saturn conjoin at the end of the year in Aquarius, the sign of the sister/brotherhood of man. Ultimately it may be the extraordinary thinking from ordinary people that gets us out of this situation. It may take people to fully utilise and exercise their voting power to determine the possibility of this style of leadership that may be ushered in for 2021 in the UK as well as the USA. Who knows?

Meanwhile on our own doorstep we have the conservatives fronted by a salesman in the guise of Boris Johnson. Glimpsing at his chart with Libra rising he has Aries in the seventh house of relationships with the public. Mars will retrograde there in Aries from the 9th September through to the 14th November. His sister Eris, the dwarf planet will join him in Aries and they will be making challenging aspects to Pluto and Saturn, 

I expect the spectre of Brexit will have fully risen to sit alongside Covid 19 by the mid/late summer and be caught up in the maelstrom of the moment, ultimately becoming the rod the Tories and the British Public beat him with as frustration mounts and tempers flare. The management of the pandemic is not suited to the Brand Boris and there could be a real backlash for him due to the dire economic consequences of Covid 19 combined with a looming Hard Brexit by the end of the year. It looks completely unsustainable and Boris’s chart shows the public vitriol and anger very clearly. Mars goes direct mid November and returns to its original degree of 28 degrees Aries by the 3rd January. I wonder whether his Premiership will survive to January 2021!Crop