Lost and Confused Signpost

An old world order is currently making way for a new one. Powerful forces have been unleashed rapidly into this new decade when Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn met on the 12th January 2020 and began a new 34 year cycle creating an historical choice point and indicating major upheaval, change and potentially collapse in all of our institutions, governments, structures and organisations that construct Society as we know it.

Saturn represents form, order and known boundaries, whilst Pluto, which is transformative, takes things away from us and ensures what is rotten in the political, societal systems has to be let go of and die. It is a time for anticipatory and actual collective mourning and grief. Things are changing very quickly and we feel powerless and impotent in the face of it.  I am wondering if it is a test run for building new, robust structures for globally managing the ecological emergency that is the backdrop to this current crisis?  So we are now experiencing the letting go of an archaic model of capitalism with a hope that what re-emerges is progressive and something fit for purpose to deal with the continuing environmental crisis that lays ahead in the 21st century.  It is certainly setting the foundations for Pluto to move into the sign of Aquarius in March 2023 which will highlight the overwhelming demands on the collective to mobilise itself for the next 20 years.

The Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn in 2020: 5th April, 30th June and 12th November square Eris suggest a longer timetable of events in the Covid-19 pandemic to enable re-adjustment to the enormity of this change. This transit suggests we need much courage and fortitiude as we have been pulled back, retreated into our homes as we need to recalibrate as we make sense of this and begin to build new perspectives for the future. With many of the outer planets turning retrograde in May, we may prematurely think we are out of the woods. However, it seems from the overall transits that this current stage we are in with Covid-19 will most likely continue back and forth for 18 months and as Greta Thunberg said recently, we don’t want to get back to normal as normal was a crisis. It appears it is only when our backs are up against the wall do we find our most innovative and enlightened solutions, seemingly impossible ideas become possible. Pluto tells us necessity is the mother of invention and this highly challenging situation is demanding us all to be rapid responders, flexible and nimble in the face of this shift. As Pluto moves into Aquarius it will want humans to be even more conscious of the needs of others globally, to be co-operative, humanitarian and with a deeper and ever increasing sense of community as well as our responsibilities to the planet and each other.  It will alert us that we can no longer rely on the pillars of power as they have been increasingly revealed as self interested, self serving and self motivated. Never underestimate just how potent and powerful each of us is in terms of creating the future for us all.