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book-inspiration So we are now just a few weeks away from a New Year. What will it hold for each of us? How will you grow and develop your best self yet?  How will the world evolve and change? What will be the next chapter of your life story? How do you want it to read? Do you want to be the author of the script? We are all co-creating the future not only for ourselves but also for the collective at large. What story do you want to unfold and tell this year? So here we are in the final weeks of 2014 and as we leave what for many of us has been a tumultuous year let’s consider what 2015 holds in store. THE question each of us seriously needs to consider is this, “I have been given this gift of time, what is it for?” Our birth charts are the road maps to guide each of us further forward into our futures as yet unknown. Exploring your chart for 2015 will help you make sense of and give meaning to and create purpose for the year ahead. With focus you can become clearer about your goals, as well as the best timings for achieving your aspirations and dreams. Indeed the future is only ever really fully revealed by the decisions and choices we make. So in preparing for 2015 Lifecharting can help you envisage your very best life, encourage you when the time is best to proceed as well as in the moments to pause and be patient. 1545165_601479616612880_4558039885858469605_n