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miniPhotoshop_1416749261496  Never mind Happy New Year to you all. I want to say Happy New Life! That is simply how it feels as we enter 2015. There is now a shaft of light, a glimmer of hope and an emergence out of a long dark tunnel that has been the Uranus and Pluto square we have been living under since 2012.

Indeed Pluto in Capricorns influence began as early as 2008 with the credit crunch and the collapse of Banking establishments and institutions we once saw as indestructible in our Society. March 2015 heralds the 7th and final meeting of these two heavy weights.The final chorus about how the new order in Europe, the climate concerns and our own little spheres needs to be. It is urging increased consciousness and evolution in us all. But first, consider the shifts and changes in YOUR world since 2010!

Uranus and Pluto have been relentless in weeding out any areas of complacency, unconsciousness and stuckness in a myriad of creative ways. The transformation has been felt as much in the losses as the gains in our lives.

So how will you prise yourself out of your comfort zones this year? Since the herald of the Grand Square the notion of security has been turned on its head for most of us in some way or other.

As we already really know the only certainty is uncertainty and the certainty that everything changes. Something we all, in our daily lives continue to be a testament to.