earthquake picture

Some of us are still reeling from the aftershock of the recent General Election. Uranus in Aries caught us all by surprise with the majority re-election of the Conservative Government. You may say that as an astrologer I should have seen it coming, but that’s the thing with revolutionary Uranus, anything can happen. However, I suspect it is by design rather than accident. The United Kingdom birth chart has been suggesting a variety of seismic shifts on the horizon.Pluto through Capricorn and Uranus through Aries are reflecting profound changes in the UK’s sense of identity and its place in the world. Indeed the United Kingdom over time will be transformed in creative and perhaps shocking ways, beginning with a renewed thrust towards the independence of Scotland as early as December 2015 with Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces  it may get the increased financial freedoms desired. But be careful of what you wish for under that auspicious transit. So whilst the union remains currently intact, it appears more than ever that the cavernous gaps that exist between the nations are cracking. David Cameron currently holds the leadership of a fragmented and dislocated union that is on course to change the map of the country we live in forever.