I wrote this just over two years ago. How pertinent it still feels. Mindfulness in all our ways of being comes firmly to mind. Enjoy the Easter holiday
jackie x



I’ve been thinking about my recent launch of Lifecharting. I know there is still a view that astrology somehow predicts the future and tells you what is going to happen.

But as my clients are very aware, that is not how I work. Lifecharting is based on the premise that each of us is a small fragment of ever unfolding consciousness and that it is our decisions that help us move forward into our future selves. The outer planets give us clues about what is manifesting and taking shape as a whole but the outcome is never pre- determined. So it needs the push and focus of each of us to ensure that consciousness moves in the best direction for the collective as a whole.

Anyway, I couldn’t possibly forecast more than a year ahead these days. The world has changed exponentially and people and organisations that don’t, and stick…

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