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How are you? How have you done? What obstacles have you overcome recently? What setbacks have you faced? What moments of bliss have you felt? How are you freer? How are you more your real self? These are the questions we all should be asking ourselves come the post Uranus/Pluto final squaring on the 16th March 2015. By now, we’ve all become familiar with constant change on almost every level of our lives. Since 2012 each time Uranus squared Pluto, we have had a powerful opportunity to break through old obstacles and enter a new and better phase of our lives. This square has demanded a radical restructuring of familiar foundations in many of our lives, turning them literally upside down and altered beyond recognition. Now a peak moment will begin from March 16th when we have the final square of these two transforming planets. It is set to be the culmination of the long hard journey of radical, revolutionary change that began globally from 2008. This has led some to say that 2007 was the last “normal year”. It has been impacting us all on this small planet and is now reaching critical mass. Uranus, which has been in Aries since March 2011 has been challenging each of us to simply be who we really are, to acknowledge our individuality and uniqueness and to allow ourselves the freedom to fully express thatPluto however has been relentless in ensuring we purge and transform any old and less than useful modes of being. Sometimes the work has just felt plain difficult, because a square aspect can literally squeeze the change out of us and push us to feel intensely as we make sense of the new order emerging.


Take a peek over time and think how the previous squares have impacted you and how different you and your life are since 2012! 24 June 2012 19 September 2012 20 May 2013 1 November 2013 21 April 2013 14 December 2014. So what is there left to do? March 16th offers the time ahead when any issue in your life still not completely addressed now need urgent review. As the square builds it will seem to be an intense phase of time with events act as catalysts for choices and changes. So consider the aspects of your life you still want to shift. Now is your opportunity to complete those shifts in order to move forward into a more authentic way of living and being. Do remember to take good care of yourself too. No matter how busy you are, this is essential. We all need to take time to refuel, rebalance, and heal as issues arise, so respecting your needs for self-care and rest is essential if you are to have the momentum and capacity to transform your world in the way that you want.