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december blog

“This universe of ours, what is it really? Here we are, centres of consciousness, surrounded by a buzzing confusion which we must try to understand. But we are of the selfsame stuff of the universe — perhaps ultimately a cloud of energy interacting with other clouds of energy — What we experience is not external reality per se but our interaction with it, so that in a very real sense we are constructing our universe from ourselves.” Dennis Elwell from Cosmic Loom

We are entering the eclipse season from tomorrow October 8th. This month there will be two – a full moon lunar eclipse tomorrow and a new moon solar eclipse on the 23rd October.Because the eclipses will trigger the T-square of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn these will continue to be potent and highly charged emotional times for us all.

Eclipses are not inherently bad omens but I feel these do hint at the enormous upheavals that we are all witnessing globally as well as personally. Transformation is the order of the day and the pace of change is relentless for nations and individuals alike.   As Dennis Ewell says in the quote above, we are co-constructing our reality all the time. So…for many of us this is the time to push forward and make major breakthroughs in our lives. What do you want to see in your life from 2015? This is the perfect opportunity to review and revise the way we live now in our local and global communities, but most of all how we live our own authentic lives.