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Blog May 2014

As longtime readers of this blog are aware, Uranus and Pluto have been challenging us all since 2012 to grow and develop and push the boundaries of the status quo in our lives and indeed the world. April 2014 has really stepped us all up a gear and I suspect you can feel the changes in every fibre of your body. This is a time to build a vision and find your passion and purpose in the new world order. Uranus is in Aries, the sign of the start of things to come coupled with Pluto in Capricorn which wants us all to create sustainable, community focused, feminine structures which benefit everyone not just the privileged few. Each and everyone of us needs to build something that is enduring now, with the focus on integrity and authenticity as well as sharing because self serving isn’t the way forward.

The message from these two energies is that we are in this together and wherever you are developing something innovative, ground breaking and new, take the ego out of it and put the team at the centre of it and you are going to have sustained success in this new world perspective. How is that working in my life you might say? As a Capricorn myself I have been compelled to build a structure that is fluid and flexible to work in and offers the way in to wellbeing and emotional and physical health that challenges existing paradigms.

We have called it thecentreofyou.co.uk and we are building a team of fantastic wellness practitioners who are serving the whole community to live their best life possible.

So that is our response to the amazing times we are living in, I would love to hear yours.