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when nothing is sure

Saturn is now doing his final round in Scorpio. He has been with us since October 2012 and is due to move into Sagittarius by December 2014.

So what does that mean to us all? Facing reality is the essence of Saturn and in Scorpio it has been stirring up complex and profound issues for each of us to wrestle with. Scorpio is known as the dark night of the soul, the place in our charts where we can radically transform and delve deep into ourselves. Who are we? Why am I here? What is it for? These are the questions Scorpio seeks to answer. Transiting Saturn reminds us of the real nature of Time and that none of us are here forever. So he helps us face the deeper truths of our mortality. Live with integrity, Love deeply, Enjoy the moment.

True intimacy, power, passion and purpose can be yours with Saturn transiting Scorpio but use the final 8 months of the transit wisely with patience, courage and commitment focused on all your heartfelt endeavours and relationships.