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The current situation between Russia and Western countries is highlighting the waning power of the UK and US. Mars retrograde has demonstrated the muscle and power of Russia. What could the West actually do? We may have protested at Putin’s “brazen act of aggression” but Plutonian themes of power, corruption as well as underground resources like Gas are all highlighted. Indeed the economic and geopolitical stakes in this situation are high. Russia holds considerable leverage at the moment and anything the West says is mere rhetoric. We are too dependent on their resources of gas.

So how may it play out? I am conscious of the looming Grand Cross in mid- April involving Pluto and Uranus. It feels like a pivotal moment globally. Mars retrograding in Libra is actively involved in this process and we see tempers flaring after the audacious activity from Putin. Feelings of frustration and anger continue to rise to the surface because forward progress and diplomatic efforts appear impossible. Ill disguised rage and fury may ignite the situation further but how to keep a cool head? That is the key question. We may see a shift, a turning point with a complete re-evaluation of the situation in the Ukraine but the full picture won’t emerge completely until early June and its effect on the landscape of Europe will be really evident.