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We are entering a period of time when mars will be retrograde at 27 degrees Libra seemingly moving backwards to 9 degrees Libra. This takes place between March 1st and July 20th 2014. This occurs every 2 years.

We are witnessing this volatile period unfolding collectively in the Ukraine. Although there are seemingly diplomatic shifts and changes afoot I suspect this is where we will see the explosion of energy spill out again mid April onwards as Mars joins forces with Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. This Grand Cross suggests tremendous change and upheaval globally with the collapse of governments and the power struggles we have seen played out here. I think that we may all be holding our breath wondering if this situation can be transformed diplomatically. The early agreements made in the region at the end of February will seem unsustainable but the parties involved will feel “stuck” and unable to act.

Mars retrograde generally suggests that projects with time deadlines generally don’t go to plan and will be disrupted, delayed or collapse. This can cause deep frustration and tempers run high. We may all not see changes we desire until mid July 2014.

On a personal level, wherever Libra is in your chart will be a place of intense frustration and a real sense of any plans or endeavours associated with that area not going to plan. This can unleash feelings of pent up rage and anger. We have to learn to be fluid and flexible. Keep an open perspective on the desired outcome because sheer will alone will not make it happen. We can often feel impotent and like impeded toddlers may stomp about the place wailing about how unfair it all is. Our will is subdued as we are required to learn with grace that there is more to being than simply doing!

My astrological mentor Erin Sullivan describes this as a time when “There may be no need to actually stop what we are doing but more conscious introspection and contemplation is required.”

So for all of us, whether in our own personal lives or in the collective unfolding, deep feelings will be stirred up during this period and any strongly held, suppressed emotions need to rise to the surface in order to clear the air and propel us forward into summer 2014 when a new way to work productively with our energy will manifest and we may move forward slightly battered and bruised with revised goals and plans!