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A penumbral lunar eclipse this year is set to take place today on 18 October when the moon will appear much dimmer than normal, with an influence lasting about 4 months. The eclipse implies a series of changes that seem small and subtle at first, yet which may go on to have seismic significance to all our futures.

And that very future is also far from certain, given the predominance of the outer planet alignments over this same period of time. Uranus and Pluto, already less than one degree away from the next installment of their iconic square with each other, become exactly square on November 1st, and then again on April 21st 2014.

You may have already experienced some of the rumblings of this full moon lunar eclipse in Aries as it brings about sudden changes, so expect some more surprises. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars,the planet of action and drive. This full moon in Aries calls for us all to become Spiritual Warriors. We must have the courage to move our lives forward and live our fundamental essence and truth.

Sudden changes and startling shifts can take place. Difficult emotions may surface easily, like anger or frustration. 
Full moons are a time of releasing and letting go of old thoughts, patterns and habits that no longer contribute to your growth.