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As you will know from earlier blogs, I am very interested to see how the UK deals with its Uranus/ Pluto transit to its Sun, particularly with the global challenges we currently face. This weekends new moon in Libra highlights the tensions, shifts and challenges we are all currently facing. It joins forces with the outer planets in Capricorn and Aries and suggests that the time for real changes in all our lives is now. Choices and changes made at this point, will have a seismic impact for us as well as future generations coming ahead. On a collective level, the purpose of the transit is to uncover the rot (Pluto) within the structures that create the fabric of our global society (Capricorn). This transit does not destroy but it does uncover and radically expose and eliminate toxicity. This current tinderbox of transits has revealed the dying governance in both Egypt and Syria amongst others. As we are witnessing democracy is rarely born either elegantly or peacefully. The old rules don’t work anymore and more than ever we will come to realise just how much we need each other as we journey along on this thing called life!