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I can hardly believe that we are now in September. Time is moving at an accelerated pace and I am wondering how your goals for the year are progressing? What do you intend to do to propel yourself forward in what remains of 2013?
And as I ask you that I realise that I’ve still got lots unticked on my to do list too. The inner clock is ticking furiously as I will reach half a century at the end of this year. So what did I want to do by then? Who do I want to be for the rest of my life, what will be my contribution
and legacy!
So where are you?
What was on the wish list in January that remains unrealised?
Are you waiting to have more time, the right time or sometime in the future?
Lifecharting can help with realising your future self now as we look at your best timings and your own inner clock and development.
What I have learnt is that the future resides within you, every choice and every decision you make catapults you towards your future unknown.
Life indeed does happen, but when we look at your chart and gain a greater sense of your purpose and plan then life events can be looked at with a different perspective.
So it is not too late to realise your best 2013, there is still plenty of time.
I would love to travel with you as a thinking partner, having productive conversation on the journey with your life chart as the map.
I am offering September – December focussed life charting programmes for an early start to a fabulous 2014 and beyond. So it’s not too late to realise those dreams!