I read an extract of Stephen Emmotts new book “Ten Billion” this weekend. His words make very alarming reading: “It took 200,000 years for the population to reach one billion. Now our numbers increase by a billion every decade. The planet cannot cope. Life on Earth faces the biggest crisis in human history. And we’re ignoring it.”

I think that this is the main focus of the outer planets message to us at the moment. Wake up, pay attention to what we are doing as the current caretakers of this planet. We must all consider the legacy we are leaving for future generations. Pluto in Capricorn has been heeding us all to consume less and focus on what is really important in daily living, whilst Uranus in Aries expresses the urgency. Jupiters move into Cancer for the next 12 months will magnify and highlight what needs to be done. Emmott says the only solution left to us is to change our behaviour radically and globally. It is that simple really. It just means we learn to live with less, conserve more, share and distribute more. We need to learn to enjoy simply “being” more!

These are all the consciousness raising messages of the celestial triumvirate dominating the landscape over the next few years. It really is of no surprise to any of us that the factors for a flourishing lifetime are healthy relationships, good health and the resilience to bounce back from the knocks in life.

So resist that new outfit, that extra latte or the latest gadget. Instead savour the moment and being more!