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Be brave and look forward!

Friday’s Full Moon and lunar eclipse is in Sagittarius. It’s an exciting and powerful eclipse, all about visualizing new possibilities for yourself. It follows hot on the heels of the continuing square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

We undoubtedly will all be feeling the intensity of this transit as we deal with our struggles to come to terms with the fast moving radical changes taking place within us as well as in the world around us. We all need to simply hold on, move forward, one step at a time, without a clear road map but really trusting in our inner voice that intuitively guides us with what to do next.

So whilst the road ahead feels somewhat challenging, even insurmountable, it is helpful to know that tonight’s lunar eclipse gives you the chance to see and recognize that the path that we are all being asked to tread will, in the long term, prove to be more fulfilling for your continued well-being.