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WonderApparently giraffes have the largest hearts in the animal kingdom! So this picture feels both poignant and apt. Tomorrows lunar eclipse which is potent gives us all a chance to re-think, re-feel and re-imagine the world we inhabit both now as well as through 2013 and beyond.

What is your hearts desire? The full moon is in Scorpio bringing to the surface the emotional depths and intensity we may have been feeling recently about significant aspects of our lives. Relationships are in total focus and both the moon and saturn in Scorpio have the ability to bring things to a head in a much sharper and clearer focus than any of us have had for a while.

We re-commit, review and prune them one by one. Good healthy connections are now more vital than ever. We thrive so much better together, but it needs to be with the right people. You will know who they are!