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Full Moon

Today’s Full Moon is a rather challenging one, mainly as it aspects some of the turbulent outer planets such as Uranus which is currently in Aries. So feelings about the collective collapse are running high. We only have to look at Cyprus to know that. The signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will have been the hardest hit lately with the powerful currents of outer planet archetypes, although all signs, and all individuals, are affected. This Full Moon wants us to reach out for fairness, harmony and balance, and for healing our relationships both with ourselves as well as others.

We must focus on the needs of the self and be mindful of the other. The Sun is also in close conjunction with Uranus and Mars, so potential for surprises and unexpected news. So take a breath before you react to what people say as you may blurt out things in the heat of the moment.

We are more sensitive to feeling wounded by close attachments and need to look ahead to improve our interpersonal connections with each other, striving to discover a more productive way of simply being together -supporting and sharing. In many ways we are intent on discovering the deeper meaning of what we say and do to each other as we go through the process of fully connecting. This Full Moon makes a tense square to Pluto, bringing into focus this current and very topical radically revolutionary UranusPluto square, indicating personal and collective transformation.

This may reach fever pitch by mid-May.

It is vital now to try to be as clear as we possibly can be with each other, whether in friendship or with intimate others.

This increased awareness may bring us back to our real sense of purpose for what we are going through, so that we might become better human beings as a result of our choices during these intense times and move forward with the personal evolution tuning intuitionally within our innermost selves.

Rather than avoiding our issues, each of us will succeed when we tackle them head-on with courage, and although we cannot avoid some difficult and challenging times, we can make sense of them and learn and grow from them.