Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 12.26.33George Osborne, please take note! It is not too late to change course.

Hot on the heels of both Jupiter and Mercury’s direct motion Saturn is now well into its retrograde cycle in the sign of Scorpio, at 11°. Saturn signifies the structures as well as the endurance we need in order to make any project solid and real. At the moment it is asking us to stop, pause, take a breath, slow down, perhaps even change direction, and potentially revise the plan. This cycle lasts until July 7, 2013 and we may not see the first green shoots of our efforts until October,so settle in for the time being as you will need to be patient. You might want to ask me where it is playing out in your chart and life.

During this phase we will all review our past goals scouring them for any essential improvements that will help firm the foundations of our new projects and plans. In some cases, we are made acutely aware that our project, or our job, our home, our relationship doesn’t have the grit required and so its time to let it come to an end. But we may not know that immediately. That’s what this reflective pause is all about, it helps us get clear about what’s causing this uncomfortable feeling of stuckness that will ultimately edge us into the process properly.

We may hit delays, impasses, blockages, obstacles or have new responsibilities thrust upon us. This phase will, over time provide the necessary adjustments and change to ensure success. However, it is a time when we will need tons of patience and endurance in bucket loads.

In fact, you may very well experience delays and setbacks. But do use the retrograde period to gain more clarity. Consider having a thinking partner or a coach. Saturn gives us an opportunity to take a step forward in our own maturation process. Indeed, Saturn is always asking us to face our limitations objectively, and to accept the responsibilities we choose to accept wisely.

It can be a time of frustration, endings, loss or a period of depression. So note what you’re resisting, what is falling away, what is ending, is happening at just the right time. Saturn marks time. We can accept endings with grace, and a kind of deep calm – the sign of maturation and wise elderhood. Or we can resist and sink into despair and depression. When you’re getting Saturn right, you may still feel irritated or grieved by the events transpiring, but these feelings will be accompanied by a deep acceptance that is born out of sober choice and grown-up wisdom, hopefully culminating in emerging feelings of greater ease and calm as we move into the Summer.