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One year ago, the Dalai Lama said in a lecture, “The world will be saved by the Western woman.”

No pressure then! I hope he meant collectively, as it’s a big job for someone on their own! However, Pluto has been travelling through Capricorn since 2008 and has been explicitly showing  all of us, both men and women, that if our planet is to survive and flourish then the wisdom of Feminine Leadership needs to grow and illuminate both our personal and our public lives. Yet we can easily lose our inner wisdom when we ignore our hearts and instincts; and most importantly of all not standing up for our authentic selves. The current transits of Pluto in and Uranus are compelling us to reclaim our feminine wisdom and internal resilience.

In these times of the new Feminine, any patterns of dictatorship, domination, aggression and control, are being utterly transformed both within ourselves as well as in our social structures.

New constructs that are concerned and focused on issues of democracy, collaboration, sustainability as well as care and kindness are now attempting to emerge. Let’s hope it emerges in the NHS, the Government, in education and in the financial worlds.

For all of us, Pluto is showing that each of us has the potential to demonstrate these qualities in our own communities, whilst Uranus in Aries is illuminating the new possibilities collectively with a real sense of dynamic individual purpose. Each and everyone of us can make a difference. The combination of Uranus with Pluto is highly transformational, causing great shifts within us as individuals, in our relationships, and in society at large.

Whilst we are all living in this incredible and pivotal point for humanity, more women are awakening to their full potential, committed to co-creating a much more conscious world, to live and lead with heart and wisdom.

It’s indeed a time of a great evolutionary shift, a time when the ushering in of the Feminine is essential to enable the critical changes required if our world is to continue to thrive. An emerging consciousness centred on integrity and authenticity. Women are being called to focus on the changes that are necessary now, to do inner work and to share that in their relationships, families and workplace, to build communities, to then realise that we are actually all microcosms of the macrocosm—every step towards our own personal evolution is indeed the change necessary for universal evolution.

We have much more now in the way of education, resources, increasing political power, and literally the world at our fingertips with social media and new technology. So how can we lend our voices and be heard en masse to both lead and support the necessary change vital for our Society and World going forward? We have to build it, craft it and create it as it doesn’t exist.

Let’s do it through our daily lives and work, our volunteering, our leadership, our families, whatever works in each of our complicated lives, every voice being heard will make the difference.

I will be speaking more about emerging conscious leadership at the Leadership conference hosted by Beacon Organisational Development on May 1st 2013. Follow the link for more details http://www.beaconorganisationaldevelopment.com/course/lumina-leader-2013/