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“The transitions of life’s second half offer a special kind of opportunity to break with the social conditioning that has carried us successfully this far and (onward) to do something really new and different.”
William Bridges – Transitions

The good news is…we are living longer than at any time in history! But what are we to do with all that extra time?

Generally we are very busy in our 20’s and 30’s establishing ourselves professionally and domestically. However, by the time we are reaching 40 an internal struggle can begin, one in which we find ourselves asking “So what next?”
Clients come for lifecharting sessions with me at all stages of their lives, but probably the most frequent stage is the midlife juncture between 38 and 59+ years.

If you are going through midlife transition and change, you may be questioning the meaning of life, feeling confused about who you are, or where your life is going, or you may be discontented with your current work/ lifestyle/relationships or lack of.
The beginning of the process can feel quite intense as you are abruptly pulled back from life as you knew it. It can be quite a shock separating from who you used to be and it is often at this stage I meet clients for the first time.

It can be a time of both shifting responsibilities and freedoms, which can leave us wondering who we are.
Somewhere, sandwiched between children, partners, ageing parents and shifting work situations and professional responsibilities you remember there is a YOU who needs to be attended to as well. The YOU with dreams, hopes and aspirations.

Working with your lifechart will give you space to reflect and consider the possibilities thoughtfully, providing new ideas to contemplate and tools to work with to discover the best way forward into your newly created vision for your future.
I help people in both early or later midlife transitions to explore and reignite purpose and meaning with renewed passion, energy and zeal.
Often, by the time we get to our late 30’s, early 40’s there can be a creeping realisation that a significant amount of time has passed by already and its time to do an inventory.

• What have I achieved that is good and needs to remain?
• What in my life feels more superfluous perhaps now obsolete?
• How do I want to invest in my future Self?
• Who do I want to be that enables me to live with greater authenticity?

This can be the time when we shrug off the expectations of our original family, education, organisations and Societies we have belonged to. We can begin to plan and work towards a truer sense of Self.
So whether it is letting go of a career that no longer works for you or more subtle internal shifts of attitude about what success truly means for you, then midlife can be an exciting and adventurous process towards living your life truly consciously.
It is at this stage I can be a thinking partner for you during this changing focus of your life and work.
Clients generally work with me once every 4 – 8 weeks for between 3 – 12 months.
It is bespoke work and focussed on your particular needs at that time:
Together we:
• Shift the focus
• Expand the possibilities
• Affirm intent
• Ground the purpose and grow towards it.

During the coaching process we can wrestle with the re-evaluation of who you have been to date, explore the options, possibilities even the wildest dreams that may constitute authentic work/life as you progress towards choosing and committing to your new path with renewed passion, energy and zeal.