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Well don’t we know it!? The whole world is evolving and changing at unprecedented rates.

Europe is undergoing a process of letting go of an old way of life, and in the UK, in particular, we are on the brink of the sort of revolutionary change and social transformation last witnessed in the 60’s when Uranus and Pluto were highly active.

But for new ways to be born, old orders have to die.

The UK is accelerating rapidly towards this phase of deconstruction as the transiting square between Pluto and Uranus particularly during the July/August impacts our nation’s Sun in Capricorn and wakes it up!

What is obsolete, old and rotten has to be amputated from the system in order that the greater whole of the organism survives for the future, and we must accept we don’t know what that looks like yet But once it happens, we will be able to operate in the new order in a more robust and resilient form.

Pluto in Capricorn aligned with Uranus in Aries brings out the truth in the current situation and clears the organism of the worn out structures it is embedded in, destroying what is false or no longer viable.

This Pluto transit heralds an incredibly complex period, which like the 60’s will impact the very core of what has constituted our national identity. The changes are already underway and they will be profound. By the end of the decade the UK will be transformed and propelled forward in an entirely new way.

Summer 2012 was arguably the calm before the storm with the celebrations such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the international revival witnessed at the Olympics gave us the rewards and rejuvenating elements of the transit too.

However, as we move forward in the next few years we will also encounter more of the shadow side of this change too. We have had plenty already, the credit crunch and the banks, corporate child abuse, MPs expenses, tax scandals and more.

Over the next couple of years we will be witnessing the death of the United Kingdom as we know it and the change and transformation of its constitutional parts, Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland.

Government changes are likely as the coalition has limped along far longer than originally anticipated. We may also have a Constitutional crisis with regards to rulership and Monarchy.

Old systems might be binned and new things brought into being which initially may not work either – but that is change!

However, it is in the UK’s current economic calamity where we are likely to see much of the shift taking place. A can of worms, which has moved us into a triple-dip recession, downgraded our credit rating, leaving analysts to say that we are now facing the UK’s worst economic performance in living memory.

The recent downgrade is a major wake up call that simply has to ignite a revolutionary change of course economically.

Canadian Mark Carney is to be the new Governor of the Bank of England from 1 July 2013. This is a point in time when Jupiter in Cancer joins the party with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, creating some initial optimism, but certainly magnifying the perilous nature of our situation. Osborne may be compelled to go by then.

Indeed it is in George Osborne’s dogmatic and blinkered adherence to outmoded and toxic financial policies where we will see the damage sustained by clinging onto the past rather than embrace the untested and untried, no matter how scary they initially seem.

Potentially, this is a message to us all in our own transition and change.

After some initial buoyancy in mid/late summer 2013 with Jupiter in Cancer the pressure and strains through 2014-16 may be enormous.

If Mark Carney can push forward with more essential and critical innovative and productive ways to stimulate the economy then he might help us steer a different course. However, rapid movement away from the familiar may bring up old fears too and he has a fight on his hands with the Chancellor!

So we will learn that Pluto can take things away from us and it is the extent to which we can let go with grace that determines how we adjust to the new order and broader collective changes. We will discover once more, through this financial crisis our instinct for survival collectively as well as personally.

So the message to all of us is greater flexibility, concern for the whole rather than the individual in systems will be essential for survival.

In many ways that is what the shift is all about. How do we take a broader look at how everyone in the system is supported and cared for in ways that are compassionate, healthy and financially sound for the long term?

This is at the heart of the Uranus/Pluto message. A shift in conscious leadership is vitally required.

We will witness it in all the structures close to our hearts. The housing crisis in the UK stirs at the very fabric of our national identity. An English man’s home was once deemed his palace. Yet we hear of the chronic shortage of houses being built, the homelessness, food prices impacting even the middle classes and the ever- increasing inequality of the haves and have-nots.

The NHS, in its dying phase has been criticized on a wide scale about the fundamental basic lack of care, respect and compassion for patients. Something has to give.

It will be in our own individual and collective voices that we can herald the change we wish to see in a more cohesive and inclusive Society.  Capricorn asks for leadership that is truly concerned with the greater good rather than individual aggrandizement. So how each of us votes, elects and protests will determine the degree to which we can participate in our national transformation whilst wrestling with our own more personal change.

That is the Power of One.