At the beginning of 2013 I said we are at a pivotal point in our history! We still are! With Pluto in Capricorn making a challenging relationship to Uranus now in Aries, radical transformation of structures in our culture is well underway. We continue collectively to flush out the toxicity in all systems and organisations, exposing corruption and the truth of what has been going on within our outmoded financial, government and organisation models. Think the Arab uprisings,Egypt, the collapse of the Banking system, the social and financial issues that Greece, Spain and Portugal are facing and closer to home the scandal at the BBC! Ultimately this will lead to regeneration and renewal, but this only emerges as we let go with as much grace as we can muster of our own redundant attitudes and beliefs about how life and things in general should be.

With these amazing collective transits there is a real sense of the radical imperative for transformation both globally and personally, all ecologies need to make a shift. Indeed we will be increasingly compelled to think beyond our outmoded model of consumption, profit, greed and that we have to look out just for ourselves. Increasingly the mantra will be more about we are all connected.

Something that technology and social media platforms demonstrate to us everyday. Events such as the outcry about the avoidance of corporate tax at Amazon, Starbucks et al.We are embarking on a massive collective “clear out” about how things are, increasing social consciousness from Me to We.

We are realising that we can each of us make a difference, mobilise our collective energies, frustrations, share values and concerns to make significant changes within seemingly immovable systems and organisations.

This is indeed a pivotal moment and a defining time, I believe each of us has a small contribution to make as we birth the emerging feminine consciousness of greater relatedness and shared values of kindness and care.

Old habits die hard, be they collective or personal. The key message is, where are the things in our personal lives that need changing? What key shifts have to be made? What is no longer sustainable or viable in your world? What are your personal imperatives for the remainder of 2013? Where do you have to take courage into your own hands and simply leap into the big Unknown? My message is, don’t hold on too tight to the side of the pool, let go and you will discover you can swim, even float in this vast ocean of uncertainty and chaos! So whether it is an outmoded attitude, job, relationship or beliefs about you and the roles you play every day, then the message is increasingly to be responsible and accountable for the life you want to live now, because the future is now, it is created moment by moment with the choices and decisions you make.What choices for living your life will you make in this last quarter of 2013? This is frontier time, each of us trekking into unknown territory and transforming this terrain is required if we are not just merely surviving but flourishing.

Risk a little more, don’t play it so safe, life does feel a little more dangerous when we are a bit vulnerable.

Be in a place of not knowing the outcome, but trusting the process as you take each step, clearing your new path and forging your way ahead.

Start the journey, I’ll grab the map and walk with you a while, but you lead the way! That is what lifecharting is all about.